KnightOS Wiki

Posted 16 Mar 2015 by Andrew Boos

Note: the wiki is no longer online. Documentation is focused on github pages (this website).

One hurdle with getting users involved in a project is that there is so much information trapped in the minds of the developers. What may seem to be trivial knowledge to a developer who has been working on a project for months may in fact be unclear to someone new to the project. For this reason, user guides, tutorials or wikis are essential to passing along information.

In order to help make KnightOS a more transparent and inviting project, the KnightOS Wiki has been setup for all to view and edit. This is a place where developers (or experienced users) can share their knowledge so that others may benefit from it. Instead of questions being asked on the IRC channel and the answers quickly being lost, that knowledge can be preserved for everyone to see.

KnightOS is a solely community driven project so that means we need your help to make the KnightOS Wiki. So next time you find yourself doing something undocumented with KnightOS, how about heading over to, creating yourself an account and sharing it with the community!