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Anyone who has contributed to KnightOS is welcome to write a blog post about KnightOS. If you've made a contribution and want to talk about it, simply write up a post and send a pull request to Want to write a post here but haven't contributed to the project? Get started here!

Scas updates 01 Jul 2020

KnightOS holds a special place in my heart, and it probably always will. It’s lodged right next to some of the tubes, and the doctors say there’s no way I would survive attempting to remove it. It’s a tragedy really, but I make the most of it. Your pointy swords won’t ensnare me forever, KnightOS! Eventually I’ll be dead! Ha!

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Decimal math support 19 Aug 2017

As a calculator programming hobbyist and open source enthusiast, I have been watching KnightOS’s development with great interest. Although I wanted to contribute, I was held back by lack of free time and needing to use my calculator for actual math classes. (Imagine that!) In the few weeks between graduation and starting work, however, I found myself able to contribute. I decided to focus on one of the highest barriers to adoption of KnightOS: its lack of decimal math support.

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SDK v2 released 08 Jul 2017

Though KnightOS development is slow, it is steady. The project never dies, despite long periods of stagnation, because every so often someone comes around and works on some new features that inspire others (myself included) to stir from idleness and contribute for a while.

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KnightOS Wiki 16 Mar 2015

Note: the wiki is no longer online. Documentation is focused on github pages (this website).

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The new KnightOS assembler/linker 10 Jan 2015

KnightOS has a brand new assembler, and this time a linker was invited to the party as well. Let’s introduce some of the things that make it awesome, as well as explain the motivation behind it and how it works. This post should be the first stop for anyone who hopes to contribute to the new assembler.

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