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Mailing list 14 Dec 2014

As part of an ongoing effort to make our project more approachable and accessible, we’ve set up a mailing list with browsable archives where you will be able to listen in on dev chatter and collaborate with the community.

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New site design 13 Dec 2014

As of today, doesn’t look like Yet Another Bootstrap Site! This isn’t a particularly newsworthy event but I feel the need to populate the list of blog posts since we haven’t really been blogging about this project.

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Porting our toolchain to the browser 30 Nov 2014

Emscripten is pretty cool! It lets you write portable C and cross-compile it to JavaScript so it’ll run in a web browser. I looked to emscripten as a potential means of reducing the cost of entry for new developers hoping to target the OS.

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Process scheduling and multitasking 02 Sep 2014

KnightOS is a preemptive multitasking operating system, and it has to figure out which tasks can use the CPU and when, and make an attempt at keeping things fair. Let’s talk a bit about the details of how this works in KnightOS.

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