Contributing to KnightOS

There are many ways for people of all backgrounds to help out with KnightOS. We’re very happy that you are interested in being one of them! There’s always something to do. Before you do anything, though, you should introduce yourself to the rest of the community in our IRC channel. Be patient, though, not everyone is listening all the time.

Getting Involved as a User

You may not be a programmer, but you can help us do the programming! There are a number of things you can help with:

  • Help triage tickets in our issue tracker.
  • Improve documentation and proof-read blog posts. Programmers write most of the content on this site and we aren’t exactly known for being good at grammir.
  • Help write the user manual. Simply by using KnightOS and getting a feel for it, you can help others learn faster by improving our user manual.
  • Provide our programmers with feedback and ideas - we depend on this to figure out what people want to see the most, and to make sure we’re doing things right.
  • Talk in our IRC channel and make people feel welcome! A quiet IRC channel can scare off newcomers.
  • Spread the good word! You can do some evangelism and get more people involved and excited about the project.

Getting started as a Programmer

Though we do love our non-programming contributors, we’d be lying if we said the bulk of the work wasn’t writing code. A lot of people get intimidated by KnightOS when they hear things like “50,000 lines of assembly” and “kernel development”. If that’s your thing, we have totally got work for you. However, to the surprise of many people, we also have plenty of high-level code to write!

We currently have active projects written in assembly, C, Python, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript. If none of those are your slice of tea, then bring up an idea for something new! Being an official KnightOS project is as easy as being useful and well-maintained. If you have an idea, come join the team and make it happen. To contribute to established projects, you can either find something you want to work on and simply get started, or check out “What can I do for KnightOS?” if you can’t decide.

When you’re ready to get started, head over to our contributor guidelines for a little direction. You also might need the KnightOS. Don’t know what to do? Have a look at the KnightOS issues page.