The KnightOS kernel exposes many useful functions to userspace programs. You may search these functions with the search bar on the top of this page, or browse through them with the categories below.

Kernel API

Color Color graphics and display driver
Concurrency Implementations of concurrent patterns
Cryptography Cryptographic hashing functions
Decimal Floating Point Decimal floating point math
Display Monochrome graphics and display driver
Filestreams File stream manipulation
Filesystem Low-level filesystem driver
Flash Low-level Flash storage driver
Hardware Concurrent hardware management
I/O Link routines
Input Keyboard driver
Maths Common mathematical utility functions
Miscellaneous Various helpful functions that fit nowhere else
Strings Useful routines to work with strings
System Interaction with basic system functionality
Text Text graphics
Threading Thread creation and management
Time Time and date mathematics and hardware driver

Userspace Libraries

This documentation has not yet been written.